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Discover what makes our online Spanish program unique.

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Learn Spanish Through Conversation

Improve your Spanish fluency by engaging one-on-one with experienced Spanish teachers.

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Online Spanish Community

Embrace opportunities to use your Spanish with others, beyond the class time with your teacher.

Online Spanish Community

Embrace opportunities to use your Spanish with others, beyond the class time with your teacher.

Online Spanish Students Exploring Jungle
Woman Taking Online Spanish Classes

Online Spanish Classes for Motivated Learners

If you're motivated to learn Spanish, this is the program for you. You bring your enegery, and we'll bring the experience.

Woman Taking Online Spanish Classes

Online Spanish Classes for Motivated Learners

If you're motivated to learn Spanish, this is the program for you. You bring your enegery, and we'll bring the experience.

Online Spanish Course for College Credit

Online Spanish Classes with Conversa can be accredited and used for college requirements.

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Our Results Speak For Themselves

"The Conversa online Spanish program is ideal for me. I enrolled in it to be able to participate more fully in the culture of the Dominican Republic, where we have our second home, and was thrilled to be able to communicate on a real conversational level. This year several people have commented on my improved language skills."

Patti R.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I think one of Conversa's strongest selling points is the 'bench strength' of its teaching staff. It's not just that they are native speakers and have many years of experience teaching Spanish. Just as important, they have many years of experience teaching together at Conversa."

Mark B.
Wausau, WI

"I've been taking Spanish lessons from Conversa for six years now and it's by far the best Spanish learning experience I have ever had. The teachers are terrific, the company is incredibly fair in its business practices, and it's SO EASY--just get on Zoom and you're talking to a very smart, interesting Spanish teacher--no driving, no waiting! I can't recommend it more highly. "

Anne B.
Santa Fe, NM

"After three years, with the help of some wonderful teachers and consistent work, I have become reasonably fluent in Spanish! When I get stuck in a blind alley and can't find la palabra justa I can work my way to a paraphrase without losing my drift. This is very gratifying, fun and exciting. It has opened the door for me to a vibrant and dynamic culture, and I use my Spanish whenever possible at work and with Spanish-speaking friends. When writing, my teachers have always been there to correct and teach me the proper language as it is important to me to be literary as well as to converse. Conversa allows for the development of both writing and speaking Spanish if that is a goal of yours. "

Cassie A.
Alexandria, VA

"I've been taking lessons through Conversa for several years and can't say enough good things about my teacher Auxi and the school in general. My Spanish has dramatically improved, and there is no doubt I am much more confident speaking, reading, and writing. I've been to a few different schools both abroad and online; but Conversa's curriculum is the best and most organized by far. I also get a genuine feeling that my teacher loves her job and wants me to improve. Highly recommended! "

Brad W.
Hamden, CT

"I spent one month in Costa Rica learning Spanish at Conversa campus while they were still open. It was a wonderful experience! Since January 2020, I have continued with online one-on-one lessons twice a week. The program offered by this school is of high quality. Having assessed language programs and language teachers during my career, I can say that this school is very well run with excellent, knowledgeable and well prepared teachers offering a rich curriculum. Not only is it a pleasure to be a student of Conversa, I am continuously challenged, always encouraged and showing progress."

Diane B.
Victoria, B.C., Canada

"Conversa is an outstanding online program, with dedicated and friendly teachers who, above all, really care about students. Private lessons are very reasonably priced, with optional free workshops to practice speaking under the guidance of experienced, native-language teachers. Weekly structured workshops focus on specific topics and Q&A "open door" sessions are available to answer questions you might have. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, Conversa offers a great way to get to know fellow students and learn Spanish in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere."

Doug D.
Medina, WA

"I have been an on-line student at Conversa for almost 2 years, and find the program to be exceptional. My background is as an educator, so I was looking for a company that offered solid-based instruction, with true planning. Conversa is just that, with wonderful friendly patient teachers. The one-to-one lessons personalize the learning and are easy to connect, using Zoom. I highly recommend the program. "

Johanna B.
Santa Barbara, CA

"I would recommend the Conversa Spanish online learning to anyone. It’s simply the best one out there (not to mention best value). The instructors are brilliant, while also very patient and encouraging; the exact combination in my opinion needed for success in learning another language. The one-on-one classes really made a difference in my learning and have brought my Spanish to the next level. I always look forward to talking to my teacher, who is well prepared, interesting (and funny!). Then, the added bonus are all the workshops offered during the week. The subjects are interesting, and it’s a chance to learn more, practice more and meet other Spanish learners at the same time. I don’t know of any other program that offers all extras that Conversa does. I highly recommend it. "

Erin D.
Venice, CA

"I’ve been taking online lessons with Conversa for almost four years—and I still look forward to seeing my teacher each week! Conversa’s approach is student centered, so my instructor quickly discovered where I was with my language learning, understood my goals, and tailored each session to the way I learn best. Through a thoughtful combination of reading, writing and listening, I’ve strengthened my grammar and vocabulary skills and now converse comfortably with native speakers. "

Karen B.
Potomac, MD

"Conversa is an absolute gem. I cannot speak more highly of the program of which I've fallen in love with because of their affordability and enjoyability). I feel very fortunate to have been led to Conversa so many years ago. Thank you Conversa for all you do to make learning fun and achievable! "

Laura S.
Houston, TX

"Add me to the list of satisfied Conversa customers! From workshops to private lessons; from writing assignments to spontaneous conversation; from computer generated quizzes to prepared speeches, I benefit from the consistent, directed practice. The teachers know how to work with the students where they are in their acquisition of Spanish. Whether you are a new beginner or a seasoned veteran, combine your diligence with the methodology of Conversa and you will know progress! "

Kaye R.
Winslow, AZ

"I love Conversa! I am a 50 year old guy that has never been a great student. Their instructors are simply fabulous and their program is very approachable. With their one on one/on-line lessons, I have been able to learn this new language and I am now comfortable having a conversation in Spanish! "

Rich P.
Birchwood, MN

"We all know learning a new language is never easy, but Conversa's online Spanish course gives you lots of chances to practice speaking. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and an interest in Spanish. I really enjoy working one-on-one with the teachers and in groups during the weekly workshops. Conversa's online Spanish classes and workshops are inclusive for all learning levels and most importantly, they're enjoyable. "

Naomi J
Los Angeles, CA

"What a jewel of a find Conversa was for our family! We had online classes with Grace. She is very knowledgeable in English and Spanish language and grammar, and is extremely personable and lovable. Conversa uses a very systematic and effective means to teach Spanish. We loved Grace and the program so much, we flew out to their site for a week of in-person learning in 2019 - a loved experience that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I can’t say enough about the high level of teaching, the attention to detail, the efficiency with which things are run, and the overall warmth and friendliness of the faculty and staff. Conversa is an amazing program that WILL help you learn to speak Spanish if you utilize the tools they give you! "

Suzanne R.
Homewood, IL

"After trying a couple of other language learning organizations, I'm so happy to say I found Conversa. My teacher is well versed in the grammar and vocabulary I need to use with my close friends in Spain. Thanks to Conversa, I can fully speak to them, and they are always surprised at my continued progress. In addition, Conversa's pricing is very reasonable, and I always look forward to the online sessions with my teacher. "

Rick L.
Harrisonburg, VA

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