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Santa Ana, Costa Rica
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Conversa's Sustainability Tour is a great way to spend a morning. Join us for a taste of what makes Costa Rica one of the most environmentally rich countries in the world, and learn what you can do to make an impact in your neck of the woods.

Throughout the tour, you'll learn about Costa Rica's efforts to become carbon neutral and what might be standing in its way.  Learn about how environmental and social initiatives have helped to shape Costa Rica's reputation in the field, and how businesses throughout the country have adjusted their service offering in response to this movement.

What's in store?

    Greenhouse gases - what and which are they?

    What's our carbon footprint and how's it measured?

    What is being done at the local/national level to drive carbon neutrality?

    How does my diet impact the environment?

    How do different modes of transportation compare?

    How far does my food travel before reaching my table?

    What lifestyle changes can I make, that will have a positive impact?

    How much water do I use?

    And much, much more!

What is included?

The tour begins with a short walk around campus where you'll learn about the history of Conversa and how we fell in love with sustainability in practice. We'll then jump right into it, exploring the environmental aspects of sustainability, while touching on social and economic implications. We'll walk through the short trails around the campus, soaking up the sights as we shape our own view of what sustainability means to each one of us. Two wrap it up, we'll convene on the terrace of the ol' Cafetería Doña Pilar (doña Pilar was Conversa's very first cook), where we'll share what we've learned over a cold glass of juice or a warm cup of coffee (or why not, both!). If your time permits, we'd be delighted if you joined us for lunch.

Cost: $25/person
Join us for lunch: $15 - Transportation from Santa Ana: $15
Contact us for group rates.

Conversa Spanish School

Santa Ana, Costa Rica
(506) 4001-2497
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