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One-Day Course   |   Sustainability Tour

At Conversa we have a couple of one-day program options for you.  The first is a full day of Spanish, similar to what you can expect to experience when you're taking our full immersion Spanish program.  The second is a shorter Sustainability Tour, which we hope will make you think about what sustainability might mean to you and yours.

1-Day Spanish Program

Our one-day Spanish programs are designed especially the short-term Santa Ana and/or San Jose area visitor. Before you join us, we ask that you take our quick online grammar evaluation. This helps us get to know your level before you even arrive.

Once you're here, we'll give you a short tour of the facilities, and get you into the classroom with your private instructor. Throughout the day, there will be a few short breaks, including a mid-morning coffee/snack break, and lunch at 1:10 p.m. After lunch, join a quick workshop to help you strengthen your "conversational confidence". If you happen to come on a Tuesday, we'll also have a yoga class planned for you. If it's Wednesday, it'll be a Latin dance class.

Cost: $140/person
(includes lunch & transportation from Santa Ana to/from campus)

Sustainability Tour

Conversa's Sustainability tour is meant to make you think.  We take you through a bit of history of Costa Rican sustainability efforts, while explaining how we have changed our own practices over time.  While we roam around our campus, you'll learn about carbon footprints, how to calculate them, how much forest it takes to sustain our lifestyles, and how different aspects of everyday life impact our environment - for good and bad.

While we're doing this, you'll learn a bit about climbing knots, rappelling and zip lining, as we traverse our campus from top to bottom, all the time learning about social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Cost: $25/person
Join us for lunch: $15 - Transportation from Santa Ana: $15
Contact us for group rates.

Conversa Spanish School

Santa Ana, Costa Rica
(506) 4001-2497
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