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Frequently asked questions about learning Spanish onilne

Do I need any special programs on my computer to do this?

Not really. All you need is a computer or tablet with a good internet connection. We use a solution called Zoom to hold the actual sessions.  Zoom works well with Windows PCs, Mac, iOS (iPhones) and Android devices.  This software is free for the student.

I don't know much about computers so will this work for me?

Absolutely. Most of our online Spanish students aren't computer experts. This is very simple and easy to use.

How often do you rotate your teachers?

We normally like to change your teacher about every 35 to 55 lessons. However, if you feel that your progress is good and you're enjoying the classroom dynamic, we can let a class go on with the same teacher for as long as it makes sense.

How do I know if I am progressing at the right pace?

The best thing we can recommend here is that you ask us. As you study, your teacher will be sharing objectives with you. These will help you identify where you are and where you're headed. However, if you're unsure about how well you're progressing, we encourage you to ask our Coordinator of Online Spanish.

What else is available to me in addition to my regular online classes?

In addition to the live, one-on-one Spanish classes you'll be taking, we encourage students to take full advantage of the other resources we make available, such as written grammar lessons, short videos, exercises, and live weekly workshops. In addition, anything and everything you can do to involve you in the language is a big help. Try to watch Spanish television or read newspapers in Spanish. With so many different publications online, there's plenty to choose from.

Is the methodology different between online and intensive immersion Spanish?

Not really. In both cases we make sure that everything is done in Spanish and that the student is fully engaged. Classes are meant to be dynamic and enjoyable. You're not supposed to simply sit back and listen to your teacher. Your teacher will make sure that you're always on your toes.

How do I communicate at first with my teacher if I don't speak any Spanish?

When working online, there are different tools to overcome this. We ask that you trust us with this. After a few minutes in the class you'll get the hang of it and you'll get a sense of how we approach these cases.

Can I do online classes on my iPad/tablet or even my cell phone?

Yes - provided you have an iPhone or Android device and a fast internet connection.

What is the schedule?

We work with you to determine a good schedule. Our current window goes from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday, and 7:00 a.m. through 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

How much do online Spanish classes cost?

Each 50-minute Spanish lesson costs $25. You can pre-pay 40 lessons to get a 15% discount.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel a class more than five days ahead of time, there is no charge at all. If you cancel less than five days ahead of time, but before 5 p.m. Central Standard Time the previous business day, we can help you reschedule the lesson for a different day/time, either before or after the originally scheduled class. If you cancel after that or if you simply do not attend the class, you're charged for 100% of the class.

Can I get college credit for online Spanish?

Yes! You can earn college credit for your online Spanish program with Conversa. Let us know what your requirement is and we'll chat about how to go about earning credit for your course.

How many lessons per week do you recommend?

You can sign up for a minimum of two lessons per week. However, students who take three or more lessons per week tend to make much greater progress. This is more a factor of the continuity they achieve in the learning process than the number of classroom hours they're taking. If you take two lessons per week and are able to complement that with readings, exercises and other activities, you should be very successful as well.

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